Heineken sells Mexican Packaging operations to Crown Holdings Inc.

Heineken sells Mexican Packaging operations to Crown Holdings Inc.

Heineken sells Mexican Packaging operations to Crown Holdings Inc.

Heineken, The Dutch brewer, agreed to sell its Mexican packaging operations to Crown Holdings Inc, one of the largest packaging companies, in deal about $1.23 billion.

Empaque produces glass bottles, metal beverage cans and other components used in beverage packaging.

Empaque is expected to remain a key supplier to Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, Heineken’s Mexican subsidiary, following the transaction, Heineken said.

In past deals Heineken acquired Emgaque as part of beer operations of Fomento Economico Mexicano in deal at about $7.6 billon.

“We are confident that Empaque will flourish under its new ownership and we look forward to our ongoing partnership,”siad Heineken chairman and CEO Jean-François van Boxmeer

Heineken advisors were Moelis & Company and the law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. Crown Holdings was adivsed by Citigroup.

Empaque is expected sales of about $700 million and earnings EBITDA of about $150 million, according to Crown Holdings this year.

Heineken is expected to recognize a gain of 300 million euros, or about $393.9 million, following the sale. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval.


Mr. Stakebay says :

 In this deal is expected to boost Crown Holdings’s operations in North America and growing Mexican market. The company become the second-largest beverage can producer in North America and account for 20 percent of more than 62 billion beverage cans global market produces every year.

Chairman and CEO of Crown Holdings…….. John W. Conway……(2001-present).$8 500 444 (2013)

Chariman and CEO of Heineken ….Jean-Francois van Boxmeer …(2005-present).€6 825 000 (2013)






€ 19.203 billion (2013)

$ 8.656 billion (2013)

Operating income

€ 2.941 billion (2013)

$ 576 million (2013)


€ 1.364 billion (2013)

$ 324 million (2013)

Total assets

€ 33.337 billion (2013)

$ 8.03 billion (2013)

Total Equity

€ 12.356 billion (2013)

$ 289 million (2013)


80933 (2013)

21335 (2013)


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