JBS acquries Primo

JBS acquries Primo

JBS acquries Primo

JBS SA, the largest beef exporter in the world, has agreed to buy Australian processed foods producer Primo Smallgoods for $1.25 Billion.

 The company will also acquire Grupo Big Frango, food company in Brazil, for 430 million reais ($ 165 million).

 Primo Smallgoods is a leading ham, sausage and bacon producer in Australia and New Zealand with five producing units, seven distribution centers and 30 retail stores.

 “This is an excellent opportunity to grow our business in Australia, given the high rates of annual growth in the category of food products and the ability to increase sales of Primo Group via exports,”said CEO of JBS Wesley Batista

 JBS is also acquiring AMSE02 Participações, which controls Grupo Big Frango in southern Brazil. Big Frango slaughters 460,000 every day in two factories, which are generating more than 1 billion reais annualy.

 In July, Pilgrim’s Pride, JBS’s U.S. poultry unit, acquierd poultry divisions in Mexico and Brazil from Tyson Foods Inc.

 This deal is subject to approval of Australian regulators.

 Mr. Stakebay says:

 JBS expects to reach AUD 30 million from this deal. The purchase is in line with JBS’s strategy of increasing business in value-added products rather than just exporting meats.






R$ 27.22 billion (2013)


Operating income

 R$ 450.7million (2013)



 R$ 140.7 million (2013)


Total assets

R$ 46.616 billion (2013)


Total Equity

R$ 21.951 billion (2013)



185 000 (2013)



CEO of JBS…………………………….WESLEY MENDONCA BATISTA……(2013-present)

CEO of PRIMO SMALL GOODS…………….PAUL LEDERER……………….(2009-present)

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