Post Holdings Acquires MOM Brands for $ 1.15 Billion

Post Holdings Acquires MOM Brands for $ 1.15 Billion

Post Holdings Acquires MOM Brands for $ 1.15 Billion

Post Holdings Inc.,  a packaged goods holding company, announced on Monday to acquire family-owned maker of hot and cold cereals MOM Brands, previously known Malt-O-Meal, for $ 1.15 Billion.

 Since spin off from Ralcorp in 2012, Post is looking for opportunities in other business as peanut butter or pasta, from reasons to decreased its dependence upon cereal businesses.

 Last April Post Holdings was acquiring Michael Foods, an egg and dairy business company, for $2.45 Billion.

 In 2014, the company was completed six deals  with total value of  $3.7 Billion, but investors are worried little bit from reasons of debt to finance its shopping tendencies. The deal is expected to close in the third quarter.

 Post try to increase its products to health-attentive consumers and Paleo diet backers, who are buying Musashi, PowerBar and another similar products.

 Analysts are supposing that Post leaves its struggling ready-to-eat cereal business, when customers turn away and they came to fast-food restaurants and dairy products.

Mr. Stakebay says:

 MOM Brands helps Post Holdings to increase its portfolio of cereals and become the third-largest cereals seller after General Mills and Kellogg. Post expects revenue in Q4 about $ 1.1 Billion and EBITDA  about $126 Million.


CEO, President and Director of Post Holdings….Robert V. Vitale ..(2014-present).. $ 2 778 377(2013)

CEO, President and Chairman of MOM Brands ..Chris Neugent….(2003-present)


Post Holdings

MOM Brands


$ 2.411 Billion (2014)

Operating income

$ – 207.7 Million (2014)



$ – 358.6 Million (2014)


Total assets

$ 7.731 Billion (2014)


Total Equity

$ 2.283 Billion (2014)



7950 (2014)


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