Teva acquires Auspex for $ 3.2 Billion

Teva acquires Auspex for $ 3.2 Billion

Teva acquires Auspex for $ 3.2 Billion

Teva Pharmaceuticals announced on Monday to acquire Auspex Pharmaceuticals, a developer of drugs for movement disorders treatment, for about $ 3.2 Billion in cash deal. Teva will pay $ 101 for a Auspex share. Including debt, the deal is valued at $ 3.5 Billion, board of both companies have approved it.

 Teva is the world’s biggest maker of generic drugs. Auspex is developing many drugs that focus on the central nervous system like tardive dyskinesia, Tourette syndrome or Huntington’s disease.

 ”The acquisition of Auspex is a significant step in strengthening Teva’s leadership position in C.N.S. and advances us into underserved movement disorder markets,” said Erez Vigodman, Teva’s chief executive. “This transaction represents a first major step with regards to that commitment, and we expect to continue this focus in the future.”

 Teva comments “the deal would guarantee it with mid- to long-term revenue and earnings growth.”

 ”This transaction will enhance Auspex’s mission by bringing innovative therapies to patients across the world as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Pratik Shah, CEO of Auspex, said in a statement. “The transaction also marks a great outcome for Auspex shareholders and stakeholders as it not only validates our portfolio of drug candidates while delivering significant financial return, but it also puts our programs into the hands of a company that has the experience and commitment to deliver our pipeline of therapies to patients in need.”

 Teva advisors are Goldman Sachs and Goodwin Procter. JPMorgan Chase and Colley advised Auspex.

Mr. Stakebay says:

 By the words of CEO, this deal helps Auspex to bring innovative therapies to patients and improve portfolio of drug candidates as good as strenghtens position in C.N.S and helps to advance into new markets of treatment.


CEO and President of TEVA Pharmaceuticals……………EREZ VIGODMAN…….2014-present……xxxxxx (2014)

CEO and President of AUSPEX Pharmaceuticals………….PRATIK SNAH……….2007-present……xxxxxx (2014)






$ 20.272 Billion (2014)

$ 37.727 Million (2014)

Operating income

$ 3.951 Billion (2014)

$ – 50.256 Million (2014)


$ 3.055 Billion (2014)

$ – 59.535 Million (2014)

Total assets

$ 46.42 Billion (2014)

$ 151.145 Million (2014)

Total Equity

$ 23.313 Billion (2014)

$ 124.871 Million (2014)


46000 (2014)

35 (2014)

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